Almost every concrete foundation repair mistakes can be avoided. This is particularly true if you are a meticulous homeowner. A bit of foundation maintenance can help protect your house from the need for foundation repair. Aside from that, you can also avoid the accidents that might happen because of it. To get rid of errors and stop issues, here are several foundation concrete repair Glendale mistakes you have to avoid: 

Not Having Enough Foundation Drainage around Your House 

It isn’t good to have too much water around the foundation. Homeowners typically ignore this fact every single time and it ruins their foundation. Oftentimes, you can see houses that have a lot of moisture under them and require a foundation drainage system. The reason for this is that the soil around their house isn’t on a proper slope and/or the homeowner isn’t utilizing gutters to ensure that water is directed away from the house. You might have to hire a professional to install a high-quality drainage system if you want to avoid excess water from gathering under the foundation.  

Not Keeping a Constant Level of Moisture around the Foundation 

This is a popular mistake that homeowners often make. Professionals always tell homeowners that it’s vital that they don’t allow their homes to dry out. They have to make sure that their home doesn’t need some kind of moisture control program. If you’ve got this type of issue, you have to call a professional concrete foundation company. Though you do not want your soil to get extremely wet, you definitely do not want the soil around your foundation to get very dry. Keep in mind that soil shrinks and contracts when it gets dry. It gains volume and expands when it gets extremely wet. If this happens constantly, it will eventually result in foundation failure.  

Planting Large Shrubs and Trees Close to the Foundation 

Every person loves nice foliage and trees. Unfortunately, planting it right next to the foundation can be a huge mistake. The reason for this is that trees and plants require moisture to live. In addition to that, they’ve got roots. As the roots get bigger and develop, they’ll crawl deep under the foundation and draw slowly all the moisture into their system. This leaves the soil under the foundation to dry out. If you let this happen, it will eventually lead to cracks and other issues.  

Not Calling a Professional as Soon as You See Problems 

If you ever find an issue with your foundation, you’ve got to call an expert right away. The reason for this is that foundation damage is progressive. It’s an error that you want to get fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. It is ideal to consult a professional concrete foundation company as soon as you see signs of damage and have them inspect it. Indications of foundation problems include unleveled flooring, a cracked chimney, brick veneer cracks, foundation cracks, and much more. If you see these signs, call a professional right away.